• Extremely easy if calling fonts from your theme. The defaults are sensible so all you have to do is hit the save and optimize button!
  • You get all the file types  SVG, EOT, TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 by default (support for browser that are almost obsolete now).
  • I like that it adds it self to the setting sub menu. One time use plugins that put themselves the main menu drive me nuts!!
  • After it as scanned you can you chose to preload fonts and weights. It preloads the Woff2 version which seems sensible as support is high). Tip: for speed it's only worth preloading fonts that show in the viewport initial (not others added lower on the page).
  • You also get to choice not to load font weights.  The remove then from the stylesheet and also you or client from using more weights than needed.
  • Finally you can change the font display option from the default swap to auto, block, fallback or optional.  I used block and talked about this in my last video.
  • Under the advance setting tab you can change the font directory (the default is /uploads/omgf) and set it to clear the cache and remove all files on  the deletion of the plugin (it leaves the folder but works).


Some have had issue with is not picking up on all the font but I tried it 3 times with complete success and thought this a really easy way to get in to locally loading fonts.  Huge thanks to the author for making the available.



  • This was controversial as I believe some feature of the Free version moved in to the new Pro version. However, the plugin needed writing and that takes time so it unless it broke site I think that seems fair.
  • The pro version lets you scans for fonts on individual pages. Perhaps added via a page builder rather than the theme.
  • Lets you set a fall-back font
  • Hardens GDPR compliance. Presumabley the free version is not safe in the EU?
  • It says it let's you select which file types should be included in the stylesheet (I saw this in the free version though) and force subsets (extra language support).
  • Lets you remove default resource hints and have more control over fonts processing.


Price:  Personal – €24,00 1 website | Business – €49,00 Up to 5 websites | Corporate – €74,00 Up to 10 websites  | Agency – €99,00 Up to 50 websites | Ultimate – €249,00 One-time fee. Up to 100 websites. + VAT for EU residents

Who is it For?

The Pro version is not me presently as I've got used to doing it manually, but I would not rule it out. The free version is extremely handy for quick builds and testing.


  • I prefer the control over the files I load. That said I tested and did not see the  browser support issue mentioned here.
  • However I noticed the fonts I loaded with OMGF were larger (Poppins 400 woff2 was 10.9kb where mine for 7.9kb)
  • for some fonts (like Word Sans and Alegreya) gave me one variable weight font for woff2 where presently OMGF would have me a file for each weight.
  • On the free I will not be able to stop my clients loading an different font family. I can't disable the loading of Google fonts as that is what OMGF needs to intercept.
  • If they do load a new font. Google CDN will kick in fine just on that page so not much of a problem, but if you are preloading via OMGF you would have duplicates.
    and on they pages Google CDN will kick and if I have preloaded fonts with OMGF they will be on the page too.
  • To remove the separated stylesheet OMGF added I would need to go to the pro version
  • I tend to hover around the 100 site mark so would prefer the top package to be unlimited or higher.


I imagine as variable fonts start to take of OMGF was adjust which could be enough to tip me towards considering the Pro. Certainly for someone who does not want to make the mistakes I made (linking incorrectly and creating 404) this is something to checkout.

MOBILE TEST RESULT      99  score LCP 1.8. Googles CDN (preconnecting via WP Rocket)    100  score LCP 1.3.  OMGF without preloaded fonts.   100  score LCP 1.4.  OMGF with two preloaded fonts.


It let's you examine your fonts. Very cool if you have vairable fonts

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